About Gvize

Who is Gvize?

Gvize is a brand of GYG Global Egitim Danismanlik Ltd. Sti. provides visa application services since 2008 by enpowering its knowledge and service quality. Gvize is a sister company of Gedu Educational Services which gives more experience about education visas but also has experience with diffirent type of visa types.

Gvize provides visa application services for all world countries like Germany, South Africa, Norway, America, Australia, Canada and many more. Touristic visa, Business visa, Family visit visa, Student visa, job seeking visa, family re-union visa and other specific visas we provide professional services.

Our customers has prevented loss of time and money by the services we provides and we will be happy to help more customers.

Our Mission

Gvize has been aware of importance that customer saticfaction is the key factor. This awareness has given us having the right attitute to our customers and the power to be a better consulting company.

Our Vision

Gvize’s main vision is forming a sustainable consulting company. Although visa application process are similar with consulates details are always important. You must be updated everyday to provide excellent consulting. So, our vision is to be the most sustainable and updated visa application consultancy.

Gvize will always be ready for the consultancy when you need and which you need.

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